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Choosing a Credit Card Terminal

Any business that depends on credit sales and processing for revenue will need to make a smart choice when choosing a credit card terminal.

There are many different types of credit card terminals available for businesses. You need to identify what you need from a credit card processor. Ideally, a credit card terminal will help you reduce overhead and transaction costs.

Traditional credit card terminals are used in businesses where there is face-to-face interaction with customers. In such a setting, a countertop point-of-sale credit card terminal may be the best option. Such credit card terminals can also come with a PIN pad to accommodate debit card transactions.

Traditional credit card terminals are designed to read and process the magnetic stripe found on credit cards and debit cards. These terminals should all include the stripe reader, keypad and a display screen. Some traditional credit card terminals will also include a built-in printer and check-processing capabilities.

There are also mobile and wireless credit card terminals. These are useful terminals for businesses that process transactions on the go, outside of the traditional store setting.

Universal Merchant Solutions offers businesses several credit card terminal options. The right credit card terminal can result in an increase in revenue.

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