Business Financing Tips

Electronic Payment Options

Businesses, especially small businesses, need electronic payment options. The ability to handle and process electronic payments give a business much more flexibility and allows it to open itself up to a larger customer base.

Here is the equipment that can be used to process electronic payments:

  • Credit Card Terminals
  • Wireless Terminals
  • Printers
  • Pin Pads
  • Check Readers
  • Card Scanners

The items above are all point-of-service terminals. The biggest use of such terminals is usually tied to credit card processing.

Universal POS offers all of these terminals. The terminals feature the latest technical features to enhance effectiveness and reliability. This is because Universal POS has teamed with the top manufacturers and software developers to provide the best hardware and software.

Universal POS offers the following services:

  • System Design & Setup
  • Remote Installation & Training
  • 24-Hour Support
  • 24-Hour Rapid Replacement
  • Free Software Upgrades with a Support Plan Purchase
  • A 3-Year Warranty on Specified Hardware
  • Payment Plans and Financing through Cash Advance or Other Loan Services
  • Gift Card Services
  • Another Universal POS advantage is the terminal setup process. The terminal will be programmed before it is shipped out. This means when it arrives, the terminal just needs to be plugged in and it should be ready to go.

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