• Credit Card Processing

    With our extensive selection of credit card terminals, PIN pads, and printers, Universal Merchant Solutions will cater to the specific needs of every business whether you're a small café or a large restaurant chain.

  • Mobile Card Processing

    Expand any type of business into a business on wheels. Accept payments anywhere. If your a small business and work-from-home, mobile credit card processing helps increase cash flow wherever your business takes you.

  • Merchant Business Loans

    Universal Funds is the choice for your businesses financial solutions, providing a quick and simple alternative to traditional loan programs for your businesses working capital needs.

  • POS Solutions

    Universal POS, we strive to get the right solution customized to our customers’ needs; whether it's a restaurant, a mom-and-pop store to any kind of take-out business. We have the latest and greatest technology to track customers, your sales, promotions and your products.

  • Logo Design

    Having our design experts create a unique, well-designed logo will ensure your company image is well represented in the years to come. Universal Designs will create a look that uniquely represents your business.

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