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Cash Advance

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Need Cash?

Unlike conventional bank loans, Universal Funds offers businesses fast, working capital based on future credit card sales. Universal Funds makes cash advances simple. Even high-risk businesses with bad credit may still apply for a cash advance because Universal Funds is based on future credit card sales, unlike loans. A benefit to this strategy is monthly payments are lower when business is slower. You pay when your customers pay!

Get approved for a merchant cash advance with Universal Funds in a little as 24 hours!

customer service woman Even if you have been denied a small business loan you may still qualify for a business cash advance.

You may receive faster service by speaking with an account executive directly by calling 1-888-725-7760.

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To Qualify:

  • Process $1,000+ per month in combined credit card sales.
  • Provide 4 months credit card processing statements.
  • Have been in business for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Own the building or have 1 year remaining on your current lease.
  • Acceptable personal and business credit score (500+).
  • No open tax liens, bankruptcies or judgments against you.

Use the Merchant Business Loan or Cash Advance for any purpose:

  • Purchase Inventory
  • Remodeling
  • Purchase Equipment to bring in more revenue
  • Pay off Debt/Taxes
  • Expansion/Acquiring another location
  • Emergency Funding