Frequently Asked Questions

All you need is Universal Merchant Solutions. With our extensive expertise across the board, we can provide everything you need to get your business set up with accepting credit cards in as little as 24 hours.

Universal Merchant Solutions accepts all existing or new businesses for credit card processing. In addition, no matter your business type or the way you want to processing credit cards, we will accommodate your needs and get you accepting credit card in as little as 24 hours.

Credit card sales will be automatically deposited into your business checking account.

We can set you up with American Express and Discover cards with a time duration of 24 hours.

Within 24-48 hours depending on the day of the week.

A new account will be set up within 24 hours once we have received a completed application.

Each business must decide for itself. However, merchants around the world rely on credit card acceptance to:

  • - Increase sales: Your customers can and will spend more with a credit card than with cash or checks. In doing so your are guaranteed to increase your total gross volume at your business.
  • - Increase credibility: Consumers recognize that a business that accepts credit cards is a legitimate business, one in whom the credit card associations have "endorsed" by allowing them to participate in the credit card system. It gives you the confidence in not having cash on hand in case of vandalism.
  • - Better customer service: Accepting a credit card is easy and fast, usually more efficient than virtually any other type of payment acceptance.

No, all transactions are done on a toll free number.

You choose the desired shipping method for all your orders.

Yes, regardless of your location, Universal Merchant Solutions has 24/7 customer support lines to handle any question you may have.

If purchasing the terminal from Universal Merchant Solutions, the terminal will be programmed before it is shipped out. When you receive the equipment, all you will have to do is plug it in and go.

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