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  • Logo Design

    Having our design experts create a unique, well-designed logo will guarantee your company image is well represented in the years to come. Universal Designs will create a look that uniquely represents your business.

  • Credit Card Processing

    With our extensive selection of credit card terminals, PIN pads, and printers, Universal Merchant Solutions will cater to the specific needs of every business whether you're a small café or a large restaurant chain.

  • Mobile Card Processing

    Expand any type of business into a business on wheels. Accept payments anywhere. If your a small business and work-from-home, mobile credit card processing helps increase cash flow wherever your business takes you.

  • Merchant Business Loans

    Universal Funds is the choice for your businesses financial solutions, providing a quick and simple alternative to traditional loan programs for your businesses working capital needs.

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    Universal POS, we strive to get the right solution customized to our customers’ needs; whether it's a restaurant, a mom-and-pop store to any kind of take-out business. We have the latest and greatest technology to track customers, your sales, promotions and your products.

Logo Design

be memorable and recognizable

A logo is the face that defines your company identity and where your brand starts. You want to have a design that is both unique and effective. Universal Designs small business logo design services will help you make a lasting impression.

At Universal Designs, you'll get a logo that sets you apart from the competition. Whether you are starting a new business, or rebranding your current image, contact us today to help you create a logo that uniquely represents your business.

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  • Creative and original logo designs
  • Personal and corporate logo designs available
  • Fast turnaround
  • Delivery of final logo design in multiple formats
Get a New Logo!

5 benefits of a custom logo design

  • 1. It will separate you from the competition. Imagine opening the phone book and seeing 5 options for the same service. The company that looks like it is the most reliable will most often be the company called. Having a well designed logo will give you an advantage over your competition and allow you to compete as a business.
  • 2. It can illustrate your brand values. A custom logo design will allow you to consider not only what you want your logo to look like but what you want to be branded as. Consider three words that describe how you want your company to be perceived. Consider words like innovative, established, luxury, bargain, you get the idea. These words should be the bases of the message that your logo imagery conveys.
  • 3. Have access to all of the design files you need. Logos are typically designed with multiple needs in mind. Maybe you need it for digital files, printed materials or a sign. Chances are that's just the beginning. Having a custom logo design will mean that you are provided with all of the design files you will need to print big or small, full color or black and white. You never know where your logo will end up in the future.
  • 4. It will represent your business for many years to come. Every successful business invests money into marketing their business. Consider the potential that a custom logo design can have on that investment. Making sure that your company logo is designed to represent where you will be in the years to come will create a look that lasts. A logo that follows trends will quickly become outdated and can have the effect of driving customers away. A great example to think about an everlasting design is the Nike “Swoosh” symbol.
  • 5. Works for your target audience. When you develop a custom logo design, it is important to know how your logo will be perceived by the people who will be making decisions about your product or service. Make sure to have a few of your colleagues and close business partners take a look at the design. Also ask people from the specific demographic you are targeting for their opinion. It will be insightful to hear their responses.

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