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Team up with our company through our Funding ISO Partner Program

Universal Funds, America’s #1 Direct Lender for Merchant Unsecured Business Loans, has marked its place in the business world by helping business owners establish low-rate cash advances and credit card processing services. As a successful business running since 2006, we are a trusted company who prides ourselves on providing merchants with the funding they need and our various credit card processing options to cater to any needs for their business to run efficiently.

We want to make sure our participating organizations get the treatment they need as well for their efforts in helping make our business more successful!

Here are your options:

Referral Program

By using the powerful Word-Of-Mouth method to introduce another business to our services, whether it is through online resources, by simply telling someone, or by other marketing methods, you will benefit your Independent Sales Organization (ISO) by bringing business to us and to you. We provide aggressive programs allowing you, as the Independent Sales Organization (ISO) to win the merchant, which will also allow the Independent Sales Organization (ISO) to bring more traffic to our business. It is only right that you reap some of the benefits.

To find out how you can begin a successful new venture through our Affiliate program, please contact us at partner@umsfunds.com, or call us today at 1-888-725-7760!

Business Participation Program

Being a Direct Lender for funding, we understand what it is to help other businesses by providing funds to Independent Sales Organizations (ISO). By offering a Partnership Program for funding, we make sure the Independent Sales Organization (ISO) we work with get the tools and proper recognition they deserve by being a funding provider to the merchants they work with.

For more information on our Partnership Program, please contact us at partner@umsfunds.com, or call us today at 1-888-725-7760!

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